Metal Partitions and ceiling systems

From internal partitions in residential housing, to curved metal-framed feature ceilings, we install approved metal partitions and ceiling systems to manufacturer’s specifications, giving the required acoustic performance.

Drylining systems

We install dot-and-dab systems and screw fixing into different backgrounds, including high performance and thermal boards. We also install independent wall lining systems.

Tape and Jointing

We apply joint reinforcement systems to plasterboard to allow decoration direct to a plasterboard face, either by hand or with machine tools. Specialist tape and jointing specifications can be introduced to suit various plasterboard types and conditions.


We provide 2-coat ‘float and set’ plaster, and plaster skimming systems – both applied traditionally by hand. New spray application is also carried out.

Cove and Cornice

We offer a full range of decorative plaster cove and cornice.


We provide thermal and acoustic insulation systems to ceiling, walls and lofts.